At Tech Andaz, we provide experienced understanding of technology driven business goals. From advisement to problem-solving consultation, our team of experts will help your company build, grow and evolve through market analysis, data-driven research, business model building and software & mobile development.
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Startup advisement from idea to execution-we guide all phases of strategy to reach your exacting business goals.
Business Strategy

Business plans and structure require evaluation of many types of strategy. Will you utilize a marketplace model, subscription model, direct sales, on-demand or freemium to premium? We have the knowledge to help you align with a your market strategy effectively, and we will support you through the entire process.

Brand Strategy

Creating dynamic brands from logo to market strategy. Our branding team brings data and evolving market-space within industries to help you build the brand strategy that keeps your company creative in a competitive marketplace

Social Advertising and Campaign Management

Social media strategists are here to guide you, create with you and implement your social goals with proven results and expert experience.


Many startups find success by utilizing crowdfunding to launch their company or a new product. We will help you create an effective crowdfunding campaign on the platform right for you- dynamic, engaging and designed to reach your goals.

Incubator & Business Development Connections-

When our clients need strategic business development partners, we will provide quality, relevant industry related business connections to further their expansion.

Capital Funding Connections

We provide relevant connections to the right capital choices for your unique situation. Speak with our team about funding for your startup.

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Reach out to our team at Tech Andaz to learn more about our creative development, design and marketing services. We are available to help answer your questions and get started on implementing your new goals.

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